About Us


J Bradwells Kitchen Home & Design specializes in total home improvement.  We offer  kitchen, baths and full interior design services that encompass nearly every part of our clients homes.  We have been helping clients love their homes for almost 20 years.

By creating J Bradwells, I've been able to gather fellow professionals who share my philosophy of delivering an easy, enjoyable, and thoroughly expert interior design experience. I and my team insist on putting you first. We'll begin by getting to know you and what you're looking for. Contemporary? Classic? Exciting and vibrant, soothing and contemplative.. or perhaps, a skillful flow from one mood to the other?

Your style is our style and we beleive in the concept of a fresh new exciting look for the world we now live in.  We want to help make your home tasteful, restful and above all else a "warm" and inviting environment to bring you all the joy that should come from owning your home.

We are proud of our experience in creating Kitchens and Baths 

We can help you access your space and configure your new kitchen or bath to have all the "wow" new design concepts that will make your space not only be beautiful, but very functional.  Today is all about confort , style and ease of living.

We are dealers for many different cabinet companies as well as total custom cabinet shops.  By having access to many styles and materials we can custom a kitchen or bath that is perfect for your look and your budget.

Furniture, rugs, accessories, fabrics and wall coverings are all part of the things we can use to execute our plans for your home.   We are stocking dealers for more than a hundred furnishings , lighting and accessory companies.   And, our long-term relationships and wide-ranging experience assure you the highest quality, greatest selection, and best value.